The peach, as well called the real peach, the precious peach, the pelt peach, the Persian fruit, Persian plum or Persian apple, is one of the oldest culture fruits.  He is closely related to apricots, nectarines and almonds, that also belong to rosaceous plants. According to the naming, Persian fruit, you might think, that the pear comes from Persia. But that’s not true.  The stone fruit just came to Persia about 1000 years ago. Whereas in China peaches are known for more than 6000 years.


In the entire orient the peach is a symbol for immortality, because a lot of rejuvenating substances are contained.

Furthermore the peach strengthens the bodys defense and hesitates wrinkling, flaccidity and other ageing appearances of the skin.


The fruit flesh contains a lot beta carotene, a dye, that makes a faster tanning possible but also protects your skin from negative effects of the sun.