Oranges belong to the rue family (Rutaceae). Orangetrees grow in different sizes, their size can be 3 to 10 meters high.  They wear white flowers, out of this a special formed berry (hesperidium) grows.  The spherical or slightly oval fruits have a diameter of 6 – 10 cm and a smooth, but also rough or knobbly surface. Oranges are one of the most widely-used fruits. The major part of the orange harvest is processed to industriell juices and concentrates.


Did you already know, that oranges and other citrus fruits act as an antidepressant? The consumption of oranges has an positive effect on our state of mind.

Depressions, anxiety, irritability and aggressiveness are therefore reduced.

Furthermore oranges give us vitality and joie de vivre.


The very first sweet oranges came with Portuguese sailors  to the Mediterranean countries in the 15th century.  From there the Spaniards, (occassionally Christopher Columbus itself), brought them to America. Already in 1550 the first plantations were created in Florida. To keep the frost-sensitive plants through the winter, „Orangeries“ got integrated in many majestic architectures in the time of baroque and renaissance.

The first orange plantations, how we know them today, occured in the 19th century next to Valencia in Spain.