According to assumptions, the coconut is coming from an island group in the South Pacific. Coconuts are durable for a long time and thats why they can drift long distances above the sea and are putting down new roots on any beaches. Today the coconut palm can be found worldwide in the tropics. They like lots of water, heat and sun the most. The coconut is one of the most important crops of mankind in the world, she provides building material and fuel, drinks and nutritious food. She gets imported from several Asian countries, but also from Brasil.


In tropical countries the coconut is also known as the „Queen of food“.

There are many reasons for this: The coconut removes viruses, bacteria and parasites; strengthens the immune system and improves the fitness; helps overweight people loosing weight and underweight people gaining weight; makes the skin smooth and beautiful and strengthens the hair. And the absolute super power: She slows down the ageing process and makes us look younger and healthier.


The beauty wonder weapon is coconut oil. So there is no reason anymore to spend much money on expensive beauty products: Either as lip balm, make-up remover, hair conditioner or as a tooth paste – coconut oil can be used for almost everything.