Originally the kiwi comes from China. About hundred years ago the fruit got brought from China to New Zealand, where she got the name of a domestic bird and today she is known worldwide under this name. The kiwi belongs to the soft fruits. The kiwi plant is a climbing plant, means that this plant can grow meters every year and winds itself around arcades and high fences. Meanwhile kiwis grow in many subtropical areas in Asia, America and Europe. Kiwis get harvested when they are still unripe, so that they can post-ripe while they get transported to other countries or while they get stored.


Kiwis contain 98 gram vitamin C – that is almost twice as much as in oranges or lemons. Furthermore they are very nutritive and on top of that kiwis consist of 80% water.


Refereed to a survey in Taiwan, the daily consumption of kiwis can have a positive effect on your sleep quality.