We call the orange vegetable, that looks like a root, carrot. The carrot is a vegetable plant and belongs to the umbellifer. She appears in multiple colors and forms. Since the 1970s baby carrots can be bought on the market as well, they come from a special breeding. The origins of the carrot go back to the Neolithic period. The carrot pulled-up in the 16th century in the Netherlands.


At first you think of beta-carotene when you hear carrot, right? Its bright color comes from beta-carotene, but not only this, it also produces a lot of vitamin A in our body and thats good for our eyes. As well the cell growth gets regulate and its said that the consumption of carrots lead to a darker complexion. But to get a darker complexion you have to eat lots of carrots (around 3-5! kilos per day). Besides the beta-carotene the carrot contains as well a lot of vitamin C & K, calcium, potassium, iron and folic acid.


The „ideal“ carrot has a thin marrow in the inside and a thick bark. Alright…