Ginger belongs to the spice lily familiy and is one of the oldest spices on earth. Its said that Confucius has been a big fan of ginger and has spiced all his dishes with it. The gingers home is South East Asia, today it gets planted in almost every country, where they have a tropical climate. The most important countries of origin are India, China, Jamaica, Nigeria, Japan and Brasil. Ginger stands out for its spicy and hot note.


Ginger contains a lot of vitamin C & B, magnesium, iron, potassium, calcium, sodium and phosphorus. The spice is anti-inflammatory, has an expectorant effect and relieves pain. A small tip: If you ever feel sick in the car, bus or plane – eat a piece of ginger.


In the citchen ginger is used for more than 3000! years as a condiment. Well of course, if already Confucius used this spice.