Another miracle fruit: the goji berry. In german its called mean buxthorn, twining wild vines or chinese wolfberry. The goji berries belong to the nightshade family and originally appears from South-East Europe up to China. Nowadays the berries can be found in Asia, Europe, North America, North Africa, Australia and New Zealand. The berries externally look similar to our rose hips, they are elongated to ovate, approximately one centimeter long and have a red to orange color.


The mean buxthorn isn’t that mean actually, because it is rich in vitamin A&C. Both vitamins are protecting against cell damage. With the consumption of larger quantities the goji berries are providing also minerals as iron, selenium and zinc.


Its said that goji berries give energy, support the cardiovascular system, strengthen the immune system, reduce the level of fat in the blood, have an anti-ageing-effect, and, and, and, and,… well, these facts are reason enough to eat this miracle fruit more often.