So small and yet so large, part of the rose family and domiciled in the eastern part of North America. In the beginning of the 18th century the chokeberry was developed in the US and in Canada. Via the UdSSR the berry came to Central Europe and was grown on several plantations. Today approximately 15 varieties of the chokeberry are known.


The chokeberry has rightly earned the nickname „healthy berry“, because she is a truly power fruit. The chokeberry contains a high content of vitamins and minerals. With the consumption of these berries the immune system gets stronger, as well as the defenses. Especially pregnant women should eat chokeberries, because they contain sufficient folic acid.


Chokeberrys can be dried, for example one to two hours in the oven at 50 or 60 °C. That makes them durable for a longer time and you can eat them easily as a snack in between.