We need to think far back. In the year 1493. In this year Christopher Columbus came to South America and got an ananas as a welcome present. He took it back home and thats how the ananas discovered Europe.

Starting with the 15th century, the Portuguese took over the worldwide distribution. Today there are numerous varieties spreaded all over the tropical regions. The ananas grows mostly on big plantations, the plant gets a height up to 2 meters (pretty big, right?) and the leaves can get up to 1 meter long.


Ananas makes you happy and satisfied! The important neurotransmitters, serotonin and tryptophane, are found in the pulp and create good mood, feelings of satisfaction and relaxation in your brain. But the most important thing is, the fruit needs to be fresh (like in our Smooooozys), otherwise the valuable ingredients get lost.


One cup filled with ananas pieces contains up to 75% of the daily recommended amount of magnesium.