Frequently asked questions


Why is SMOOZY SUZY especially suitable for gastronomy & hotel industry? 

SMOOZY SUZY was especially developed for gastronomy & hotel industry. Smoothies from SMOOZY SUZY are quick and easily prepared. In SMOOZY SUZY there are whole fruit pieces, vegetables, superfoods and spices ready-mixed, packaged per portion and deep-frozen. This makes a clear cost control and calculation possible. No fruits or vegetables that must be thrown away. SMOOZY SUZY is enjoyable the whole year and deep-frozen non perishable up to 2 years.


What makes SMOOZY SUZY unique?

SMOOZY SUZY is the first deep-frozen smoothie, that is perfectly adjusted to the needs in gastronomy and hotel industry. That means, SMOOZY SUZY is functionally ready portioned, deep-frozen non perishable up to two years and is easily and quick prepared, without additional training of employees. SMOOZY SUZY tastes as good – according to current surveys even better – than a smoothie prepared with „fresh“ ingredients and is the ideal solution for the perfect smoothie-enjoyment in gastronomy & hotel industry. SMOOZY SUZY neither needs ice cubs, nor juices or yogurt, it is only mixed with 1/8 l water. Thats why SMOOZY SUZY tastes as 100% as the particular variety.


What does a smoothie from SMOOZY SUZY contain? 

In SMOOZY SUZY there are only selected ingredients, whole fruit pieces and spices. Mixed with water SMOOZY SUZY is – referred to the German Food Association – a „good“ smoothie. That means: Referred to the German Food Association a „good“ smoothie needs to have at least 50% „whole“ fruits or vegatables as components, no added sugar, no additives and no addition of nutrients (source: So SMOOZY SUZY is a „real“ smoothie, consisting of whole fruit pieces in highest quality and not comparable to other products from the cooling shelf. Most of them are only made of juices and added sugar.

SMOOZY SUZY is 100% natural, free from added sugar, artificial vitamins and flavours. A multi-ingredients-puree produced with whole fruits, provides a unique fruit flavour. Vitamins and nutrients remain unchanged because of the quick freezing.


What are the advantages of SMOOZY SUZY combined to smoothies prepared with fresh fruits and vegetables? 

Stored at room temperature fruits and vegetables can loose up to 50% of their valuable ingredients per day. Furthermore imported fruits are often harvested too soon and contain therefore less nutrients than ripe fruits.

Shock-freezed fruits and vegetables, as we use in SMOOZY SUZY, are better. In the process of shock-freezing the cell fluid only builds very small ice crystals, whereby the cell structure and therefore most of the nutrients survive. Even after several months the vitamin- and nutrient content in SMOOZY SUZY is much higher than in fruits that are stored at room temperature only for a few days.


How can we explain the quality of deep-frozen fruits in SMOOZY SUZY? 

In deep-frozen fruits there are way more vitamins than in „fresh“ buyed fruits, that are stored up to a few days in the supermarket. Deep-freezing is a particularly gentle form to preserve food, because there are no preservations necessary. So deep-freezing is the best method for preservation, to maintain the freshness and the high nutrient content from food over a longer period. Moreover the consistency and the natural, original colour of fruits and vegetables stay when they are deep-frozen. Also the taste is similar, or maybe better to so-called fresh fruits. Time is the number one freshness-enemy: Therefore the time between harvesting and crushing the fruits and the deep-freezing process is extremely short. Frozen products as SMOOZY SUZY can be stored for a longer period without any loss in quality. Due to this unproblematic stockpiling, less food needs to be thrown away.


How long is SMOOZY SUZY durable?

SMOOZY SUZY is deep-frozen non-perishable up to 2 years.


How many smoothies can be prepared out of one package? 

SMOOZY SUZY is packaged per portion. One package SMOOZY SUZY, mixed with 125ml water makes a 250ml smoothie.


What do I need to prepare SMOOZY SUZY?

One package SMOOZY SUZY, 125 ml water and a blender. We recommend to use a blender from VITAMIX, these are particularly efficient, long-lasting and quiet.


What to do If I don’t have a blender in my café/bar?

We are pleased to provide a professional gastronomy-blender from VITAMIX for free for the duration of 14 days. After expiration of the testing period you have the opinion to purchase the blender. There are various financing opportunities. Your SMOOZY SUZY contact person will figure out the best opinion for you.


How long does it take to prepare a smoothie from SMOOZY SUZY? 

SMOOZY SUZY is ready-to-use in 30 seconds. All you have to do is to open the package, put the deep-frozen fruits with 125 ml of water into the blender, mix it for 30 seconds and your perfect smoothie is ready to drink.


Are there different varieties/flavours? 

At the moment we have four different smoothies in the range.

TROPIC TWISTER tastes of mango, ananas, coconut and orange.

ROYAL BERRY contains blueberries, strawberries, banana and chokeberries.

VISTA PURISTA convinces with apple, carrots, orange, banana and seabuckthorn.

GREEN CHILLER, our green smoothie, with apple, pear, peach, kiwi, cucumber und quinoa.


Do I/my stuff get an enrolment? 

If you are interested in SMOOZY SUZY please contact us. We are presenting our product in you bar/café – including a tasting and show you how to prepare the perfect smoothie.


Where can I order SMOOZY SUZY? 

You can order SMOOZY SUZY in our online-shop. When you sign up under „my account“ you will always have a overview of your orders. If you would like to you can also change to subscription and get a regularly SMOOZY SUZY delivery.


How long is time of delivery?

Delivery time is two to three working days.


How will SMOOZY SUZY be delivered? 

SMOOZY SUZY will be delivered in a box (32 items in one box) from our deep-freeze logistic partner.


Which payment methods can be used? 

For individual orders: Paypal, debit, credit card, immediate transfer

For subscriptions: Paypal, debit, credit card


How can I promote the product in my café/bar?

For the promotion of SMOOZY SUZY we provide several advertising material. We recommend to start with our SMOOZY SUZY Starter Kit, that contains glasses, table presenter, flyer and underliner. The SMOOZY SUZY Starter Kit will come with your first order for free. Further advertising material can be purchased in our online-shop or will be, depending on your order volume, credited. Upon request we can change all advertising material so that it is customised for your company.