Quick, easy & freshly mixed.

The idea about Smoozy Suzy

Cutting fruits, choosing vegetables, adding ice cubes, putting everything into the blender, mixing it, waiting, mixing it again – gastronomers have to take all these steps if they want to create a „real“ smoothie. That takes time. Time that employees don’t have.


What’s more – the amount of fruits and vegetables is hard to calculate, thats why leftovers often have to be thrown away.


In addition fruits and vegetables often loose, due to wrong storage, vitamins and valuable nutrients. That’s what we wanted to change!

The idea for Smoozy Suzy was born. Ready packaged, seperately portioned, deep-frozen and mixed in 30 seconds. Tear open the package, add 125 ml of water and thats it.


Optimal, right? That’s what we also thought.