100% Natural

100% Quality

100% Pure enjoyment

Smoozy Suzy is the perfect all-in-one-Smoothie – already packaged & ready to mix!

Everything you need for a high-quality smoothie is already packaged. You only have to mix one package of Smoozy Suzy with water and you will have a fresh smoothie.

A multi-ingredients-mix of whole fruit pieces, vegetables and superfoods in one package. All ingredients are portioned and deep-frozen. Smoozy Suzy makes a perfect smoothie possible, without adding yogurt, milk or juices.

The multi-ingredients-mix of Smoozy Suzy is 100% natural, free from added sugar, artificial vitamins and flavors and deep-frozen nonperishable up to two years.

What’s special about smoothies from Smoozy Suzy:

Due to shock-freezing the fruits, vitamins and nutrients are preserved. No sugar or artificial flavors & vitamins are added. Smoozy Suzy doesn’t need ice cubes, neither juices nor yogurt. That’s why Smoozy Suzy tastes to a 100% as the particular variety.